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MonteCarlo Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis, NPL Portfolio Underwriting, Crowdfunded Real Estate Accounting/Marketplace, Correlation Inversion for Public Equities, Heatmapping, Automated Valuation/Pricing and Risk Management for Private Credit, Document (PDF/XLS of Financials, Projections, Prospectus) Mass Processing for Scouting and Pricing (Real Estate, Private Credit, Venture Debt)

Our Engines

What can we help you automate or build an AI model for?

Scenario Modelling & Risk Management

Dashboard probabilities of different outcomes of your bottom lines by baking in uncertainties in your model parameters and visualizing sensitivities

Deal Origination & Scouting

If your 'search universe' includes 100s of properties/companies and your criteria is sophisticated, an engine or an AI model can boost volume.

Scoring & Valuation

Whether its ESG Scoring, CRE to Resi convertability scoring, model-specific asset pricing or any other apply your custom valuation model to broad set of data forms to automate your valuation process 

Report Generation & Property Management

Customized reports for investors, owners, underwriters, auditors or managers.

Forecasting Price and Performance

Predict rental trends, property price movements, even-triggered spikes/crashes in stocks/bonds or fund performances based on historical data.

Create Secondaries

If you are sitting on a lot of data (even if unstructured like pdfs) or if you're holding illiquid assets (incl. leases, NPLs) chances are that an ingestion engine can produce a secondary market or derivative products from what you hold

Latest News

10 April 2024

14 February 2024

5 October 2023

Reabel Partners Facilitates MoU Between SYNDICO SAS and BATONICS AB to Advance Real Estate Technology Solutions

Batonics AB and Coleman Capital sign MoU to Develop AI Engine for Early M&A Risk and Anomaly Detection for Hedge Funds

Introducing the alpha version of our AILA Platform with Universal Excel Ingestion!

Our Team

Ahmed AlNomany

Founder and CEO

Ahmed AlNomany

Founder and CEO

An ex-deep tech entrepreneur, Ahmed is applying his successful engineering background and expertise to the financial industry. His past engagements include co-founder and CEO of Inkonova AB, mentor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Ericsson. He graduated from Iowa State University in 2004 at 19 years of age, with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (focused on Robotics and Aerospace). He is also a graduate of the Ignite Programme for Entrepreneurial Studies from Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

Samuel Johansson

Finance Assistant

Samuel Johansson

Finance Assistant

Samuel is a current bachelor's student in economics at Gothenburg's University, and is finshing a term abroad at Athens University of Economics and Finance. He has 5 years of experience in accounting and finance from founding and running his own sucessful business. Samuel's strong theoretical understanding from his academic background and his hands-on business experience make him a valuable asset to the company.

Jonathan Cauchi

Software Engineer AI/ML/Automation

Jonathan is adept with AI in finance, with a Master's degree and recognition as a Data Lab Scholar. As a Technical Consultant in a prominent financial services firm, he drives engineering and IT delivery, implementing cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations and obliterates pasta bolognese and calzones. Jonathan's expertise and passion for AI enable him to leverage advanced techniques and design efficient solutions in the financial sector.

Jonathan Cauchi

Software Engineer AI/ML/Automation

Matteo Morini

Senior Data Scientist

Matteo is a seasoned academic and accomplished data scientist, well versed in the nuances of the complex systems approach. His responsibilities at Batonics include providing a vision and advancing the lead scouting data-driven process, sticking to the highest research standards. He will stand by cutting-edge practices, steering clear of debatable overhyped technologies. Matteo holds a PhD in Computer Science and Complex Networks from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France, and has spent most of his career in postdoctoral and research positions in academic and research institutions in the US, Switzerland, Germany and Italy including Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico.

Matteo Morini

Senior Data Scientist

Muyao Hu

R&D / ML Engineer

Muyao Hu

R&D / ML Engineer

Muyao is a graduate student at Stevens Institute of Technology with a Machine Learning and Deep Learning background. He has done excellent academic research in Natural Language processing of financial reports and is enthusiastic about applying them in the real business problems. Muyao is participating in the framework of anomaly detection at Batonics.

  • What's the difference between the platform (AILA) and the engines?

AILA is a subscription-based one-stop shop for institutional analysis modules. Engines are the specific units/modules.

  • Are the engines/platform ready for commercial use?

Yes, the made-to-order engines are ready for commercial use, and we usually include upgrades and maintenance too. The platform is available only to alpha clients who provide feedback as we are still constructing and debugging it.

  • What can the engines be used for?

Clients provide use cases which we tune and build the engines for. Past use cases include scenario modeling, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, anomaly detection for risk in NPL portfolios, asset to macro analysis, lease document ingestion and securitization, accounting automation, correlation inversion detection, M&A risk prediction, fund performance prediction, private credit diligence automation, and more.

  • How much does it cost and how long does it take?

It depends on your use case. We detail that in the quote but aim to include a 'phase one' deliverable in less than 6 weeks.

  • Which data formats do you work with?

Tabular (XLS, CSV, and APIs - like Bloomberg, etc.), textual (PDFs), and soon drawings (floor plans, building zones, etc.)

  • Which verticals do you work with?

All asset verticals within institutional asset management, but since our analysis is agnostic, we also look at industries like energy and biotech with similar needs.

  • If we are not sure yet, do you engage on a consultancy basis?

Yes, we can work with reduced rates on a pre-contract consultancy basis for your AI model building, data analysis, data ingestion, data sourcing and statistical dashboarding needs .

  • Are you looking for partners?

Yes. Primarily data partners and market partners who have an extensive pipeline of use cases.

  • What happens to our data? Is it protected? Do the AI models learn from our data?

Your data is protected by traditional security protocols. For some clients, we offer all our engines and solutions (including the platform) as an on-premise installation on your local servers, which is a bit more costly. Our AI models won't learn from your data unless explicitly stated in our contract.

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